technology helps! smart pharmacy injects cardiotonics into epidemic prevention and control-ag平台游戏大厅

technology helps! smart pharmacy injects cardiotonics into epidemic prevention and control

so far, china has passed the darkest moment, but the situation abroad is not optimistic. the focus is now on controlling foreign imports.

although all walks of life in china have gradually orderly and stable resumption of production, but still can not have a slightest neglect. as a public place with high frequency of contact, hospitals need the help and blessing of science and technology in the prevention and control of the epidemic.


smart pharmacy

01.dispensing without contact reduces the risk of infection

non-contact dispensing, reducing the risk of direct or cross-infection, realizing rapid drug delivery in pharmacy and improving work efficiency

02.flexible storage, improve the efficiency of drug delivery

the storage location size is not fixed, and can be adjusted automatically by drug size, the same column can store different id drugs to achieve the optimal use of inventory

automatically split and merge stock medicines when idle to maximize the use of stock space. by optimizing the placement of drugs with effective period warnings, the efficiency of drug delivery can be improved

03.visual management to achieve all-round supervision

monitor the flow of medicines through the image, the database records the record of drugsand realize the full supervision of the entire warehouse.


4.5m * 1.3m * 2.7m


compatible medicine boxes with length * width * height from 15mm to 170mm.

equipment efficiency:

order (depending on order status) error-free drug management .


the drug  can be automatically identified location storage location and put in place, it also can be automatically got.

equipment maintenance:

equipment maintenance is simple, spare parts are directly replaced


pharmaceutical industry.

the introduction of smart pharmacies will build an intelligent and automatic medicine retrieval workstation for the hospital. by interfacing with the hospital's internal system, the hospital's outpatient pharmacy can be automatically and quickly dispensed. while ensuring the safety of patients' medications, the outpatient pharmacy's work efficiency is improved. the smart pharmacy can achieve non-contact isolation of medicines, reducing the time for patients to wait in line to take medicines, and avoid unnecessary direct contact between medical staff and patients to prevent cross infection.

in the war of resistance against japanese aggression, we have seen the unity and confidence of the chinese people and witnessed their wisdom and courage. the introduction of high-tech products such as smart pharmacy not only builds a solid protective wall for the frontline anti-epidemic personnel who stick to each post and the public, but also optimizes the medical treatment process, improves the medical efficiency, and injects new vitality and energy into the pharmaceutical industry!