2019mwc | bozhon robot invites you to explore the 5g space station together-ag平台游戏大厅

2019mwc | bozhon robot invites you to explore the 5g space station together

on june 26, 2019, mwc 2019 officially opened in shanghai. during the conference, the security robot, a product of bozhon robot, made a wonderful appearance, providing intelligent security inspection service for the immersive experience business of 5g space journey jointly demonstrated by china unicom and huawei.


at this conference, the special session of pudong star river huawei unicom was presented with the design of "5g space station", and passed through the space-time tunnel to reach the 5g space station. on the 5g space station, the security robot with 5g network precision continuous coverage and support, to perform on-site inspection independently, autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance, such as tasks, and support for remote control, put the star river special real-time inspection of video information by 5g network upload new both n1 china unicom main exhibition booth, on the basis of real-time monitoring and on site in the remote suspects.


after being equipped with 5g, ai and other technologies, the security robot of bozhon robot can be used in actual security work in public security and parks, and promote the development of the security industry to three-dimensional coverage, rapid response and intelligent law enforcement.


in the same period, the 2019 5g innovation achievement conference held by the china unicom 5g innovation center was successfully held. china unicom released 13 latest 5g industry products, 7 industry white papers, and completed 5g cooperation contracts with 33 industry partners. bozhon robot was invited to participate and give a speech to talk about 5g industry applications.


5g has the characteristics of high speed, low delay and cloud intelligence. based on the advantages of data collection, storage, processing and connection, it will bring huge changes to the robot industry. in the future, bozhon robots will join hands with partners to integrate their respective advantages, launch new research and development, new applications and new products in the field of intelligent robots, expand new modes and directions, strengthen the application of 5g in the field of robotics, and facilitate the transformation and upgrading of the robot industry such as security and defense robots.