reutun to work and defeat covid-ag平台游戏大厅

reutun to work and defeat covid-9, bozhon is in action

a sudden pneumonia epidemic disrupted the pace of 2020.


since the outbreak, bozhon attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, resolutely win the fight against the epidemic. at the same time, bozhon attaches great importance to the resumption of production and production of enterprises. under the premise of careful arrangements for epidemic prevention and control, bozhon resumed production safely and steadily.

1.persist in implementing disinfection and patrolling various places

disinfect all sites according to the disinfection plan and check for any omissions or errors, especially the number of disinfections.


2.persist in daily publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge

the daily epidemic prevention publicity team will push latest epidemic prevention progress to staff on the wechat platform of the enterprise. at the same time, check all kinds of places propaganda epidemic prevention knowledge is in place, timely supplement.


3.persist in opening multiple certifications for returning employees every day and arrange them to enter the factory

before entering the factory every day, the security personnel must check whether the employees are wearing masks, temporary passes and measuring body temperature.


       4.persist in daily temperature measurement in the morning and afternoon for returning employees

the assistants of each department shall take temperature measurements for the returning employees twice a day, and record the corresponding temperature measurements.


5.persist in providing protective materials for returning employees every day

disposable surgical masks will be collected by the assistants of each department and distributed to the staff returning to work on the same day. at the same time, the company also prepared alcohol disinfectant in some areas, put paper towels in the elevator to avoid touching the elevator buttons.


6.persist in daily care for isolated employees

the company arranges specially-assigned persons to inquire about the physical and living conditions of the self-isolators by telephone and building a group, so as to timely understand their various needs and provide them with spiritual encouragement and support to help them relieve psychological pressure.


while they consciously closed a door, the company took the initiative to open a window for them to take temperature measurements and deliver meals to employees isolated in hotels and dormitories twice a day.


in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, bozhon will actively fulfill its corporate responsibilities, systematically and professionally perform the epidemic prevention work in strict accordance with the requirements, and work together to fight the epidemic!