"ingenuity builds smart manufacturing, walk together win the future" 2019 bozhon partner conference successfully concluded-ag平台游戏大厅

"ingenuity builds smart manufacturing, walk together win the future" 2019 bozhon partner conference successfully concluded

on november 30, 2019, the bozhon cooperation partners conference was held in bozhon. more than 300 partners gathered to discuss how to forge ahead and achieve win-win cooperation under the new economic situation.



lv shaolin, chairman of bozhon, reviewed the scene of bozhon holding partner conference many years ago. the importance of partnership is self-evident, now bozhon has more partners, he hopes that everyone can continue to support bozhon, continue to deepen cooperation in the intelligent equipment industry, and seek development in the next decade.


bozhon vice president jiang jian do subject report on "retrospect and prospect of the supply chain cooperation, he expounds the bo the development of supply chain cooperation review, and the competition tendency of the development of equipment manufacturing industry and the supply chain cooperation prospect in 2020, for partners to provide close all owed and the future development direction of the supply chain end clear cognition. he hopes that the partners can help and learn from each other, build a community of shared future for the supply chain, and win the market and achieve the future together.


then, the purchasing team went on stage to take the disciplinary oath. open, fair, just, good faith, integrity is bozhon’s public procurement work criterion.


two representatives of partners were invited to speak at the conference. before delivering the speech "win-win cooperation in the digital age", mr. yang xiening, general manager of siemens (china) co., ltd. 's digital industry east china region, expounded his understanding of bozon: bo is broad and profound, and he expects the bozhon to be 10 times bigger in the future. bozhon is the largest in china's intelligent equipment market. in the speech, he said that as a partner, siemens will work with bozhon to build an ecological chain of digital enterprises to adapt to the complex and changing market, and will also work with bozhon to build a global team to support the global development of bozhon.


later, mr. guo xiaopeng, general manager of shenzhen jinyang precision mould co., ltd., came on stage to give a keynote speech of "walking with bozhon hand in hand". he told about two projects of cooperation between jinyang and bozhon. he deeply agrees with bozhon's concept of resource sharing, customer achievement and win-win situation. he said, as a partner of bozhon, jinyang will practice the basic skills for bozhon's next decade of development.


in the report of the development planning of bozhon equipment automation industry, chen jingyi, the chief marketing officer of bozhon, first gave a leading speech, then yang yuqiang, general manager of bozhong digital factory business center, dong hao, general manager of 3c business center, and wu jie, general manager of new energy business center delivered keynote speeches on "digital automation development plan", "3c industry automation development plan", and "new energy industry automation development plan" in turn. they gave insights and prospects on the development plans of various industries, providing partners with a clear understanding and direction.

excellent corporate culture is an important foundation for enterprise development, and provides an endless source of power for the development of enterprises. through the keynote speech of "bozhon cultural gene", the chairman of bozhon interpreted the origin of bozhon, the sublimation of bozhon's connotation, the development process of bozhon, the strategic positioning of bozhon, the business design of bozhon, the core concepts of culture and other contents give everyone a three-dimensional and deep understanding and understanding of the public. for the first time in 2007, bozhon put forward its own business philosophy of "pursuit of excellence, all-win harmony". it has been 12 years since today, and bozhon will continue to adhere to this concept and move forward in the future.




after the keynote speech session, the conference entered an exciting session: the award ceremony for outstanding partners. bozhon awarded honorary certificates to 32 outstanding partners with outstanding performance in 2019, and expressed their appreciation and gratitude for their support.


on the afternoon of the same day, bozhon also invited prof. li xiao, a professor at china university of political science and law, to give a keynote speech on "the power of faith". mr. li xiao told you two classic cases of huawei and hengshui middle school, three modes of thinking, and four wins. the magic weapon profoundly interprets the important power of faith.


at the end of the conference, jiang jian, vice president of bozhon, made a summary of his thanks. he thanked all the partners who attended the conference and thanked them for their valuable suggestions and support. he hopes that everyone will continue to cooperate sincerely and walk hand in hand in the future.

he meeting ended successfully with warm applause.


the soul of intelligent manufacturing lies in ingenuity, and the opportunity for a harmonious and win-win situation lies in peers. bozhon‘s yesterday, today and tomorrow are inseparable from the strong support of partners. in the future, bozhon will work with its partners to adhere to the business philosophy of "pursuing excellence, harmony and win-win" and bravely move forward to achieve a win-win future.