bozhon appeared at 2017 china international industry fair-ag平台游戏大厅

bozhon appeared at 2017 china international industry fair

     from november 7 to november 11, 2017, the 19th china international industry fair was held in shanghai national exhibition and convention center. bozhon launched 3c product digital factory integrated solution, machine industry digital factory solution and a variety of products, exploring the intelligent manufacturing kingdom with the public together.


    looking back on 2016 ciif, bozhon showed the public a model of a smart factory, giving viewers an idea of the fundamentals of smart factory operations. after one year of technical precipitation and careful consideration, 2017 bozhon launched the 3c product digital factory integrated solution and machine industry digital factory solution to further tap and practice the core of intelligent manufacturing and forge the model into a true digital factory.



     orange stage  |  first show


     as bozhon’s representative color, orange attracts much attention, sparkling in the 7.1h exhibition center. of course, the stage is only for background, the important thing is always bozhon’s carefully crafted exhibits.



     all-round customized services | world premiere of bozhon digital factory


   in bozhon 3c product digital factory, it takes only 4 minutes for the audience to get a customized mouse after ordering from the mobile terminal. from order to produce to delivery, order information transmits in real-time in automated mouse production lines, automated warehouse, automated logistics, information management operations and other parts, and display in the digital management center board. the whole process is of automation, information and vision



during the fair, bozhon held bozhon digital factory world premiere, attracting cctv2, sina, tencent, people's network, cdc, phoenix, sohu, industrial network and many other well-known medias. yang yuqiang, bozhon chief spokesman, general manager of planning and storage center, said that the era of customized service has arrived and that through systematized planning methods and means, digital factories would ensure that enterprises can digitally and intelligently manufacture, to meet manufacturing individualized development needs. at present, bozhon has helped to complete the construction of five digital factories. bozhon brought machining industry digital factory and mouse digital factory to this exhibition, showing its strength and decision.



     master the core of technology | standard machine shows up


     in any one area, master the market is to master the core technology. at this expo, bozhon launched three standard machines: takein (precision parts testing equipment), wisdomeye (defect detection equipment) and 3d visual intelligence capture system. the core technology all relies on independent research. its precision and stability are ahead of the domestic level



     challenges | roundtable meeting


    on november 18, 2017 china robot summit and the 3rd ceo roundtable meeting were held in the xijiao hotel in shanghai. bozhon participated in the topics of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing with the elites in the industry. the manager yang has worked hard in the field of intelligent manufacturing and digital factory for many years, full of rich practical experience。he gave a speech on the overall planning and implementation of smart factories. based on many years of experience in the field of automation, bozhon helps enterprises to clarify their core strengths and development in the process of digital transformation, and find a viable landing path according to the situation.



follow the heart | the most beautiful guest


this grandmother is already 80 years old

she worked for design institute

she came to the expo every year

she said, you are growing too fast that you can see database at a glance

it’s so great to be young

--blogger cynthia said



in the intelligent manufacturing kingdom, bozhon always insists on exploration and construction to build a solid fort. as the development of china made 2025 and industry 4.0, from core components, robotics development to the digital factory integrated solution, bozhon strides forward steadily and helps china made 2025 ,providing a powerful engine for smart manufacturing development