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dimensions:18*14*2m(l * w * h)
 compatibility:fully automated production line that besides visual inspection and unmanned packaging operations, only regular preparation of materials
efficiency:the average production capacity is approximately 11k/8h, one-time product pass rate is ≥98%, and loss of  raw materials is ≤2%
function description:production efficiency far exceeds that of manual production, and product pass rate is greatly improved with a significant reduction in loss of raw materials.full automation offers advantages such as reduced    man-made and external interferences, and automatic error prevention to prevent the mixing of materials.。
maintenance:equipment is easy to maintain and spare parts can be directly replaced
applicationsuitable for use in many car brands and models

main function description

auto assembly of car relays, as well as functional testing and aesthetics inspection.

rapid switching between product types and can be adapted to many different product models.

error prevention can prevent the mixing of materials for different product models.

each equipment can be connected using an accompanying clamping belt without the need to transport products manually. equipped with mathematical process analysis and remote monitoring.

maximum precision for equipment is up to 0.02mm.

c/t pulse: within 2.5 seconds


uses a ipc plc integrated control system

as the management layer, the pc is responsible for the acquisition and analysis of production data, and serves as the interface for the customer’s existing mes system.

as the control layer and core for the stand-alone station, the plc integrates and implements complex operation controls, precision data acquisition and production processes.


method to dock equipment in the production line

the entire production line uses a belt with turnover carrier to perform the docking and transportation of materials and components without the need to transport the products manually。



uses highly stable profibus technology

  • the ipc will read the production statistical data and test parameter indicators via the ethernet. it will store the information on the database and generate the spc curve to allow the customers to perform product data analysis.

  • when the equipment is implemented and operated at the site the i/o controls in all plcs can be remotely driven by the profibus.

  • some smart devices such as cameras and lasers can be integrated into the entire production line via the ethernet to improve the efficiency of the equipment, as well as make it easier to perform any updates and diagnosis.


precision control

pressing depth: within ±0.02mm.

data processing

together with the displacement sensor, the pressure sensor can perform mathematical analysis of the force-displacement relationships, and output the function curve.

image detection device

uses ccd to perform the detection. the advantages include high sensitivity, a large dynamic range, high geometric precision and resistance to vibrations.

laser labeling

precision is guaranteed with zero contact, zero cutting force and minimal heating thermal effects.

good temporal and spatial control.

software is used to design standard engraved patterns and modify labeling contents.

clean, non-pollutive, efficient and environmentally-friendly with low consumption of resources.