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dimensions:9.50*1.40*2.00m(l * w * h)
compatibility:solid state relay

beat: 4s/pcs

production line yield: 99.5% single shift (8h)

capacity: 6850pcs

function:pcba sub-board, pcba static elimination, housing press-fit, quiescent current test, open-close voltage test, pwm test, ccd visual inspection, laser marking, sorting and blanking
maintenance:simple equipment maintenance and direct replacement of spare parts
application:automotive electronics industry

high beat, high productivity, high yield

the production cycle of the equipment is 4s/pcs, the whole line rate is as high as 95%, and the whole line product yield is as high as 99.5%.

multiple production modes, one-button switching

the whole line is designed with 8 production modes: automatic production mode, retest mode, check mode, manual mode, etc.

production information is traced back to bar code

the whole line design visual interface, the production information is displayed on one screen, and the whole line is matched with the mess system. the production process can be traced by one code.

anti-static ability, product stress is strictly controlled

the anti-static level of the whole line meets the requirements of the mos control process, effectively protecting the core parts—the mos tube is not broken down. in addition, the stress requirement of the whole line for the product is <500 μm/m, ensuring that there is no “dark injury” to the product.