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machine management system

system introduction

the equipment management system mainly combines the technical information of the company's management and manufacturing equipment with modern management to ensure the effective management of equipment resources and maintenance of normal production and operation of the equipment. at the same time, it is highly integrated with other information systems to complete high efficiency of production planning information system.


main interface



equipment basic data module

     mainly includes the enterprise resource basic data modeling, standard data encoding format, unified data display standards, management data definition specifications such as site management, shop floor management, line management, site management, equipment management, wearing parts management and other data modeling .


spare parts management

mainly includes spare parts purchase application, warehouse management, borrow/return management, inventory management, etc

reasonably manage and control  spare parts resources


consumables maintenance

the main function is to automatically remind and prompt maintenance personnel to perform maintenance of wearing parts on time according to the defined life standards of wearing parts, combined with the actual workload, or replace the wearing parts according to the standard.


equipment check module

mainly contains inspection plan, inspection execution, historical records, inspection project definition, etc.


equipment maintenance module

mainly includes maintenance tool management, maintenance project management, maintenance plan, maintenance plan execution, maintenance history, maintenance spare parts report, etc.


equipment maintenance module

mainly includes abnormal equipment management, abnormal report management, abnormal report confirmation, maintenance work order management, outsourced maintenance management, maintenance records, etc.



personal zone

mainly includes signing management, spare parts application, reminder, etc.


report analysis

mainly includes equipment oee, equipment monitoring, maintenance analysis, and abnormality analysis.customization can be achieved according to the specific data requirements of enterprise



system settings module

mainly includes user management, menu management, rights management, role management, task scheduling, operation logs, system exceptions, etc.