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return list
dimensions:2.05*1.50*1.90 m ( l * w * h)
compatibility:whiteboard glass, silk screen glass
efficiency:>3000 pieces / hour
function:detecting defects and dimensions of the phone cover glass
maintenance:simple equipment maintenance and quick replacement of accessories
scope:mobile phone cover glass manufacturing industry

unique, advanced optical solutions

choose high-resolution low-noise tdi line scan camera and multi-angle combined strobe light source. for special areas, such as 2.5d side, r angle, silk screen and other areas, we have developed a unique optical solution that can stably capture defects in the edge and silk screen areas.

high efficiency

each equipment has four measuring stations, and each measurement station is fully utilized according to the advanced principle of first-out, so that a piece of measured product can be produced within 8 seconds to ensure that the production line beat requirements are met.

defect recognition algorithm based on deep learning

according to the characteristics of glass defects, the deep learning model developed has a significantly higher defect recognition rate than the conventional technology, and the classification accuracy of the model is as high as 98%. a highly optimized algorithm with a defect recognition speed of up to 100 per second for real-time online defect identification. 

stable and efficient visual inspection software

the self-developed visual inspection software has beautiful interface, complete functions, simple operation, stable and efficient detection algorithm, and can be customized and extensible.

high precision, stable transfer track

the segmented magnetic power ultra-precision transmission module uses an encoder resolution of up to 1μm, which ensures the accuracy of detection. each independent transmission track jumps less than 2μm, ensuring that the detected object can smoothly advance.