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dimensions:0.95*0.9*2.0m(l* w * h)
compatibility:surface cleaning for products of a variety of materials
efficiency:1.5s/pcs (increasable for extra-large products)
functions:clean the surface of products
maintenance:provide site training, site maintenance and after-sale technical support
scope:applicable to surface cleaning for industries of medical treatment, automobile, 3c, texture, etc.

wide range of application


this equipment can clean the surfaces of plastics, rubbers, metals, semiconductors, textiles, etc., regardless of the object and appearance to be processed.


great cleaning effect

the equipment adopts high-energy plasma to clean material surface, decompose chemical substances and organic pollutants, and completely remove tiny (micron-sized) dust particles on the surface. at the same time, it can activate the material surface and improve the material performance, for example, to improve the surface wetting property, film adhesion, etc.


environmental friendly, high efficiency, and low cost

all you need is to scan the object under the ion flame for complete cleaning. as an environmental friendly and efficient cleaning process, it will be free of any contamination cost from cleaning solution, any drying cost and any other related material costs. after cleaning, you can start the next step of operation immediately, which can greatly improve the efficiency.