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annular rgv-ag平台游戏大厅

equipment picture


equipment parameter



rated load


power supply mode

trolley conductor

tuning speed

0~160m/min,frequency control


photoelectric detection

conveying speed


control mode

manual, single machine and online auto-control

turning speed


communication mode

wireless ap communication

adressing mode

barcode addressing

safety device

double buffer at end

advantages & features                       features

small-sized, high-speed, flexible dispatch and accurate positioning

high safety

barcode reader is fixed on driving wheel; barcode logo is fixed on annular rail; no step-out problems occurs at curved rail so that trolley can travel safely and reliably

high efficiency

rgv is annular and operates on multiple stations so that it has improved the utilization and efficiency of inbound and outbound equipment.

when one rgv fails, other rgvs can proceed with the task, without prejudice to normal operation.

comparative advantages

the equipment integrates compute dispatching management system, plc technology, variable frequency servo drive and trolley conductor power supply technology to ensure high speed, smooth acceleration and deceleration, flexible dispatch, accurate positioning, high-efficient operation and strong versatility.

simplify storage logistics system when combined with a variety of logistic equipment independently development by our company.