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roller conveyor-ag平台游戏大厅

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equipment parameter


max conveying speed


effective width

goods width 10mm

average noise level


maximum noise point


roller dia.


drive mode

gear motor

advantages & features                      

inbound/outbound conveying system is an important part of the large, complex automatic warehousing system. 

shelf and stacker can be standardized, but conveying system is planned and designed in line with the one-sided layout, warehousing operation process, working posts, split-flow and interflow demands. 

the dimensions and lower structure of conveyor are closely related to the unloading mode and automatic detection mode of relevant logistic devices.

safe and reliable

conveyor is furnished with detecting and interlock devices to ensure safe operation. 

for example, in case of emergency, press the emergency button nearby, the equipment will halt immediately;

 if single machine is overloaded, it will halt and give an alarm.