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return list

reciprocating elevator-ag平台游戏大厅

equipment picture


equipment parameter



maximum lifting speed

30m/min(frequency control)

conveying speed

20m/min(frequency control)

maximum weight of cargo lifted


cargo size(l*w*h)

pallet 1300*1100*1150mm

workbin 715*480*410mm

positioning mode

photoelectric control

anti-overflow device

retention device

advantages & features                      

reciprocating hoister is a professional device used to convey stacking cargo. 

it features various forms, flexible layout so that cargo can enter into hoister from all directions, convenient for production equipment layout.

safe and reliable

hoister is equipped with detecting and interlocking device to ensure safe operation.for example, in case of over-height or over-width cargo, hoister can halt and give an alarm at once; it also gives an alarm in case of motor overload.