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digital factory of 3c product-ag平台游戏大厅

from blueprint to execution

project objective: to establish a digital factory demonstration project that  that whole process from mobile terminal ordering to product delivery is automated, informational, transparent.


project achievements

equipment · execution control · smart decision · integration and innovation


fully automated digital production

whole process automation of finished product’s packing and labeling, automatically collect and analyze whole process data(equipment, quality, efficiency, etc.)


1 (2)

punmanned production of mouse; 

ponline quality inspection of key processes, bad orders are automatically rearranged;

pautomatically collect equipment operation data;

ppautomatically sort and supply p personalized order items;

pentire data feedback of order/work order production line progress;

preal-time monitor equipment energy consumption data, real-time collect energy consumption data;

pbutton start: start-up, device reset, boot status detection.



automated warehouse

material storage, automatic loading and unloading, finished product input-output storage, empty pallet automatic return, inventory data upload in real time.



2 (2)pmanually carry out raw material storage/supply operations: after the parts are loaded, codes on parts will be scanned to warehouse; 

pstack of tridimensional storage connects terminal of production line;

psafety inventory status alert;

pautomatic storage and delivery of finished goods;

pwhen the customer orders,  available production stock is calculated and uploaded;

pmonitor stacker operation efficiency and status, upload real-time data.

intelligent ground vehicle(igv)

intelligent logistics delivery robots: realize logistics dispatch automation and intelligence by using agv and scheduling technology.



3 (2)

pachieve automatic connection and distribution of finished products, empty pallet back to warehouse automatically; 

pmulti-level security alarm mechanism: software system monitoring control, real-time laser obstacle detection, bumper with collision emergency stop function (brake distance is 2cm), emergency stop button, etc.;

pfeasible area design: limit the igv's driving area in the factory and prevent cross-border operation; 

pmanual intervention mechanism of dispatch system : provide rich user commands to properly handle igv dropped calls, mission failures, traffic jams, etc.; 

phigh parking accuracy;

phighly flexible scheduling system of  p clustered design.




tsamo system

based on the self-developed tsamo (total solution for advanced manufacturing operation) platform, it manages the entire life cycle from the customer's order to the product delivery. open up data collection and analysis from slave device control layer. to operational management layer by  integrating advanced automation technology, logistics and warehousing technologies, and lean manufacturing ideas.


pcustomer order management: the crm system receives personalized orders from the e-commerce platform or wechat, and formulates optimal production strategies based on delivery and existing resources;

pautomatic sorting and feeding system: starting material requirements calculation from the customer orders, the production process through the tsamo information platform to supply materials in a timely manner;

preal-time monitoring and analysis of equipment operating data,  improve analysis of equipment failure causes and solutions;

panalysis and analyze quality inspection data of key processes in the production process;

preal-time collect energy consumption data during production, and analyze and improve  combined with equipment operation efficiency and failure statistics.


wechat/e-commerce order processing


pc visit appointment and order interface


digital decision making


pdevice interconnection, analyze data of equipment operation, equipment failure warning and remote troubleshooting equipment;

pstatistical analysis of lost man-hours in production process lines, equipment capacity load forecasting;

pquality online inspection and data analysis, process capability index analysis and process capability assessment, improvement;

pproduction energy consumption data collection, product production single branch cost control;

pequipment life inspection of wearing parts, warning of service life of wearing parts;

pmonthly, quarterly, and annual operating kpi data analysis report.

pproduct sales area data analysis; 

pcustomer complaint distribution and customer complaint analysis;

pcustomer's analysis of product performance and functional preferences;

pafter product intelligence, product maintenance and functional improvement can be achieved through big data analysis. 

ptargeted product upgrades and product future market forecasts;